Grilled Citrus Tequila Fizz

Move over margarita mix, tequila deserves better! Instead of pairing tequila with overly sweetened, sugar based mixes, try using fresh juice from grilled oranges and lime.

Spiced Apple Cider Mezcal Cocktails

This cocktail literally tastes like you’re cuddled up next to the fireplace. The warm spices in the cider and the subtle smokiness from the mezcal create a delicious and complex beverage that is both comforting and festive at the same time!

Watermelon and Mint Ice-Pops

Summer is in full swing, and nothing screams summer more than a delicious watermelon Ice-Pop!  These popsicles are made of fresh lemon and watermelon juice, with a hint of mint, and are the perfect sidekick to prosecco (or club soda for the kids!) if you want to make it into a cocktail.

Blackberry Summer-Thyme Spritzer

This spritzer is the perfect cocktail for these warm summer months and for those who like to sip on lightly fruity drinks without the risk of having a major hangover!