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Daily Bloom Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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A. Cookware Set, by Caraway

Caraway offers pots, pans and cookware sets that are made of high quality ceramic-coated aluminum. They are non-stick and non-toxic and come in a fresh variety of colors!


B. Adjustable Rolling Pin, by Food 52

From Food 52’s exclusive line, this adjustable rolling pin is perfect for beginner bakers to self proclaimed masters and everyone in between! It has 5 size options and built in measurement markers to make prepping dough, whether for pie crust or pasta, so much easier.

C. Adopt a Cow Box, by Especially Puglia

DB Top Pick! You may remember on last year’s Gift Guide we featured Especially Puglia’s Adopt an Olive Tree. This year it’s all about the cheese! This gift supports the traditional production of Cacciocavalo Podolico cheese, a raw milk cheese made from the milk of the rare Podolico cow in Puglia. Each Adopt a Cow Box comes with Cacciocavalo cheese with a cloth bag, a certificate of adoption, and a brochure with information about the farm.


D. Custom Family Cookbook, by LouLou Baker

The beginning of a family heirloom! This beautiful custom hard copy book has 100 blank pages ready to be filled with wonderful family recipes. The perfect memento for any home cook! As an added bonus, when you purchase this book, 10% of proceeds will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

E. The Always Pan, by Our Place

The pan that everyone is talking about! This gift is perfect for the home cook who values functionality and has little space for storage. This pan is designed to replace 8 pieces of traditional cookware. Like the Caraway set, the Always Pan comes in lots of pretty colors!

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A. The Mirror, by Mirror

This gift is definitely a splurge…but you can’t put a price on health, right? The Mirror transforms any room in your house into a yoga studio, boxing ring, cardio class and so much more. It offers thousands of classes, weekly live workouts and one-on-one personally training. Perfect for those who are missing their gyms and in-person workout classes! 


B. Aura Collection, by Wildling

DB Top Pick! Perfect for #selfcaresundays. The Aura Collection is a four-part body routine that includes dry brushing and Gua Sha, a 4,000 year old traditional Chinese technique known for its healing benefits. This set includes tools and products that help soothe skin, release tension and stimulate lymph flow throughout the body.


C.The Hip Hook, by Aletha Health

This is especially great for those who are tied to their desks and sit for long hours at a time. The Hip Hook is designed specifically to release tension in the iliacus muscle. It eliminates tightness in the hip flexor and quickly reduces strain in the legs, hips and lower back.


D. Ice Roller, by Kit.Sch

The gift that you never new you needed! This ice roller is made with high quality surgical stainless steel and helps calm inflammation, increase blood circulation and de-puff the under eye area. It also helps alleviate tension headaches!


E. Stone Diffuser, by Vitruvi 

Since everyone seems to be homebodies these days, why not make home as relaxing as possible! This stone diffuser is not only aesthetically beautiful, but all of their scents are non-toxic, all-natural and 100% pure essential oils.

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A. PJ Set, by Eberjey

These PJs are extra soft and comfy. Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or just want to sleep and lounge comfortably, this set is the way to go. You can make it extra special by getting “mama” embroidered on the shirt pocket!


B. Gift Card, by Hatch Collection

Hatch offers chic, stylish, and functional clothing for before, during, and after pregnancy. They also have some great self-care products.


C. The Pregnancy Pillow, by BBHugMe

The ultimate pregnancy pillow designed by chiropractors will help you feel comfortable all night long. Plus, you can shape it into a donut so you can lay on your belly. It’s also great to use post-partum for back support while sitting and nursing.


D. Super High Waisted Align Legging, by Lululemon

These leggings are high-waisted and stretchy so they’ll grow with you and your belly and bounce back with you to wear after baby too.

E. The Gift of Wellness, by Dr. Sara Bloom

DB Exclusive! Work with Dr. Sara Bloom, co-founder of Daily Bloom and Integrative Medicine physician, specializing in prenatal and postpartum health and wellness. Help mom feel her best and optimize her health because she deserves to be cared for too!